Residency Matching

Most of the Match programs are offered by the National Residency Matching Program system. An estimate shows that almost 28,000 positions are offered to the Post-Graduate Year-1 (PGY-1) students by NRMP and almost 3,500 are being offered by American Osteopathic Association (AOA), San Francisco Matching Program, Military Matching Program, and American Urological Match System (AUA).

You may enter more than one match program but NRMP is also working with many other sponsoring organizations to withdraw those candidates who are ineligible for any Match Program. Students and graduates who have completed their studies from American Osteopathic Association System are the ones only eligible for AOA Match Program System. But, MD students and those previously mentioned may enter into AUA and Military Match System. Those who are seeking to pursue a career in the Urology are also required to secure their preliminary surgery year in the NRMP Match. Before choosing any Match Program, make sure that you completely understand the training offered by each Match Program. Register yourself accordingly depending on whether to choose NRMP Match Program or AUA or any other as it fits you, best.

Those Medical Students who are in their 4th year and have chosen to study or attended the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, and those who have also participated in the Health Professions Scholarships (HPSP), must go for the Military Match. You can only avoid Military Match if you are choosing a specialty whose sponsorship releases you from your obligation to the US Government.

All the matches including AOA, San Francisco, AUA, and Military occur in the month of March before the NRMP Matches occur. So, if you applied for any of these four matches, you will not be held eligible to apply for the NRMP Matching. The Military Match is the first one to occur. This match occurs in the month of December.


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How To Get Residency Program Match

Couple For Residency Matching

If any two students or graduate want the residency match programs at the same location then they can apply for a Couple Match. Some of the Couple Match programs may allow one of the individual to go unmatched while they may select the other one. There are many unique challenges posed on the Couple Matches. You will have to face a lot of compromising and you will also be required to go for a lot of communication with your partner, you are going to apply for as a couple.

Despite these facts, the Couple Match rate in 2015 was around 95%. There were 1035 Couple Matches in the Main Residency Match in 2015.

When you will be applying as a couple, each of the individuals will be enrolled separately, but when you will be submitting you ROL you will have to indicate that you are applying as a couple. There are many benefits of being applying as a couple. You will submit your ROL by creating pairs of your program choices. As a couple, you may get an opportunity to be matched into different combination of programs which are best suited to your needs as well. When you are creating the pairs of programs, you actually mix different specialties, program types, and geographic locations. This gives you an edge to be selected among most of the competitive candidates.


  • If you are applying in very competitive match programs then it is advised for you to apply to as many programs as you can. If you were going to apply for the fewer programs as an individual then you must avail this opportunity to apply for more as a couple.
  • When you are applying for different programs keep in mind your specific position and situation, if an individual is poor in marks, clinical clerkships/rotations or professionalism then these gaps should be filled.
  • Always be open to other options as well. Do not wait for the invitation to the interview for your partner or spouse in a couple match. If you are called for an interview then go and must take it. Rescheduling or canceling an interview is your call.
  • Devote funds to applying and interviewing.
  • Always consider big cities for the interview.


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Registering For A Residency Match

Registering for one or more MATCH programs begins in the fourth year of your med-school. You will be having an opportunity to register for different MATCH programs through National Residency Matching Program (NRMP), and many other residency matching program systems.

Some of the important matching program systems are listed below:

  1. National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)

Most of the students around the globe use National Residency Matching Program system (NRMP). The NRMP includes Main Residency Match and Specialties Matching services. You will be required to fill all the required fields on the official website of the NRMP.

Official Website:

  1. American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Intern/ Resident Registration Program

Those students who want to apply for any osteopathic position usually make use of this system. If you are also looking for an osteopathic position in the USA then do visit their official website. 

Official Website:

  1. Military Match

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in military apply through military match system. All of the applicants fill out their online applications and then those are forwarded to the Military Match Program through Medical Operation Data System (MODS).

Official Website:

  1. The American Urological Association

If you are seeking the advanced training in urological surgery then this system is best for you. The American Urological Association (AUA) utilizes ERAS system for the participating programs.

Official Website:

  1. The San Francisco Match

The San Francisco Match is also known as the “Early Match”. Those students, who are looking forward to pursuing a career in ophthalmology, neurotology or the plastic surgery, utilize this system to get a match.

Official Website:

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